Label Discography

Yuli Fershtat – EMF (DigiStr46)

Yuli Fershtat is the slower paced project of Perfect Stranger. He is back with a 2 track release on Digital Structures.
EMF is a groovy, patient, hypnotic and biting at times composition.
Malli Mi Mass is a collaborative track with Gabi 2B, and boasts a playful bassline and rhythm section.
It is practicing patience and biting at times, but the surprise is in it’s breakdown.

Aerodroemme – Anti Matter (DigiStr45)

Aerodrömme (also spelled Aerodroemme) is a vibrant duo
project based in Toronto, Canada. The act was created by
Boris Kurtzman and Steve Chan, The two members share
strong passion for music and lately their production started
drifting towards the more deep and hypnotic sound that we in
Digital Structures thoroughly enjoyed.
Pillars of Creation, Matter and Anti Matter are a fine
example of the music Boris and Steve deliver these days –

Gabi 2B – Misbehavin’ (DigiStr40)

Gabi 2B was seriously Misbehavin’ with these two tunes.
We love it so much when he does that. Check them out… and enjoy!

Human Element Remixes

He is back with us presenting two outsdanding remixes to couple of very
memorable Perfectly Strange collaborations – vs. Sun Control Species and
Liquid Soul.

MYDÄ – Life Oscillations (DigiStr42)

MYDÄ are Amir Danadoost and Mitchell Honok from
Their Life Oscillations composition is groovy,
minimalistic and intricate emotional rollercoaster
Ben Rama’s remix to this track is a solid groover that
brings the original into deeper and techy-er territories.
Toronto, Canada.
re-edited by Yuli Fershtat.

At The Crossroads – Vol. 4 (DigiStr41)

Gabi 2B is not a NuB to Digital Structures. We are used to
embrace him as a talented song writer, that had shared his gift of
track making with the us on various occasions.
However, this time around, we welcome him as a compiler to this
new episode of At The Crossroads Vol.04, in which he
showcases new and fresh talent such as T.MT ( from Desert
Dwellers fame ), Shiku, Digital Committee and Alien Arts,
alongside those that already been here and done that such as
Eeemus, Child, Perfect Stranger and Gabi 2B himself. Ending
the compilation ( as usual ), are two tracks that had been released
in the past but time is no factor for good music – remember?

Lastly, we are extremely happy to welcome Gabi one last time
as he also just joined our label’s management. Welcome brother!

Luis M – Modi5 (DigiStr40)

Digital Structures introduces a new kid on the DS block – the Portuguese producer Luis M with the single – Modi5.
This two-tracker is about playful melodic techno tunes with a hint of psy side and atmospherics to them. Gezien is the more fluffy one and Modi5 is it’s moody bro

Jossie Telch – To Drive (DigiStr39)

Jossie Telch is back with Digital Structures featuring two awesome tracks
‘To Drive’ is deep and melancholic and wrapping it’s atmosphere around you from the moment you press play. A proper journey tune
‘Luna 13’ is co written with Hugo Caballero, and has a special story to it – DS has the track for more than a year ready to release… However so it happened it just wasn’t fitting and waited for it’s one mate which appeared only a year and a half later. Luna 13 is a prankster tech house creation, with a very cool vibe, big sound and spicy trickery all over it.
Digital Structures is officially back in action from this one and on. We have quite a lot of new material now, expect steadier release rhythm from us.

Theo Meier – The Fog (DigiStr38)

Theo Meier visited Digital Structures some 8 months ago with a track on ‘At The Crossroads’ Vol. 03 Check out this special 3 tracker from him, that begins with the title track, ‘The Fog’ – a melancholic and touching piece of true musicality. The next track aptly named ‘Roller’ and that how it is, in fact! Unlike it’s emotional predecessor, Roller just rolls and grows from within, and it’s a great tool for indoors and outdoors alike. For anyone out there who maybe missed, we add here the previously released ‘Aegyptr’ to spice it even more with melodic melancholic Techno goodness, for the lovers of emotional music.

Eeemus – Ripped To Shreds (DigiStr37)

Shane Johnston aka Eeemus already appeared on our previous release At The Crossroads Vol. 3 ( that happened to be 8 month ago – now how that gap happened? ) with the exciting ravey track aptly named Ripped To Shreds.
So we added another original fat sounding roller from Shane, called Yunzjah, and a Yuli Fershtat ( the slower part of Perfect Stranger ) Remix to the title track, and we can’t wait for you to have a dance!!

VA – At The Crossroads Vol. 3 (Digistr36)

Digital Structures is back from yet another slumber with an extremely eclectic bunch of tunes in the series of ‘At The Crossroads’ Vol. 03.
We are very excited about this release, as it showcases what this label is all about – genre defying electronic dance music.

Caballero – Faces On My Dreams (DigiStr35)

Hugo Enrique Caballero Riva Palacio a.k.a Caballero is another new recruit coming from Mexico to present his tunes with Digital Structures – This time for two collaborative tracks of slow musical and passionate melodic tech.
In the first track, ‘Faces On My Dreams’, he teams up with Ra ( Raul Contreras Torres ) and comes up with a dreamy and floating piece of Electronica. It has that soothing and relaxing atmosphere about it, making it an awesome tool for after hours or a living room, you choose.
The second tune ( aptly named ‘Beautiful’ ), done with Navarro, who already appeared previously on Digital Structures few releases ago. Its a melodic, techy and lush groover that can come handy when a sunny afternoon and a pool are at hand.

Perfect Stranger – Slope 2014 (DigiStr34)

Digital Structures presents Slope 2014 single
Perfect Stranger had recycled his own tune from beginning of
2011, into 2014 Stumble Edit. Stumble with us :)
Diamandy is next with a proactive remix job, tweakage is the name of the game here!
Hedflux remix was released on DS compilation On The Crossroads part 2, couple of years ago, and was one of the best selling tunes for the label. Whoever missed this, check it out – it’s definitely worth your time

Sakorka – Synesthesia (DigiStr33)

Two usual Digital Structures suspects are back with us. This time its Diamandy, presenting his new track Geometric, supported by Gabi 2B remix.
‘Geometric’ is a good example of Diamandy’s special and nutty style of music making. While the LFO wobble might discourage the more strict Techno addicts, we actually think its fresh, challenging and scratchy. You dont want to have a beer in your hand while dancing to this track.
Gabi 2B takes the LFOs and the wobbles, tucks them in the back of the mix, and turns the center of attention to the sturdy stomping groove section. You want to have a beer in your hand while dancing to this track.

Perfect Stranger & Sphera – Been There Done That (DigiStr32)

Digital Structures is proud to present a two track collaboration between Perfect Stranger & Sphera. Been There is a phat and wide pounding being, riding on top of a wobbling and pulsating bassline, ornamented with irresistible tribal percussion, and it has a hippie speech too.
Done That is keeping the phatness factor while leaning towards deeper sound and arrangement. Intricate and subtle melodies appear as the composition evolves.

Diamandy – Geometric (Digistr31)

Two usual Digital Structures suspects are back with us. This time its Diamandy, presenting his new track Geometric, supported by Gabi 2B remix.
‘Geometric’ is a good example of Diamandy’s special and nutty style of music making. While the LFO wobble might discourage the more strict Techno addicts, we actually think its fresh, challenging and scratchy. You dont want to have a beer in your hand while dancing to this track.
Gabi 2B takes the LFOs and the wobbles, tucks them in the back of the mix, and turns the center of attention to the sturdy stomping groove section. You want to have a beer in your hand while dancing to this track.

Jossie Telch – Uncommon (Digistr30)

Jose Telch is a new recruit to Digital Structures growing roster of talents. His Jossie Telch project is totally free from being bounded to dance music genres and definitions, and we for one like it so much.
‘Uncommon’ is a caressing and warm progressive groover. We dont know if its the melancholy, or the coming and going sampled phrases, or something else in there. It just creates one of those moments you wish would never end
‘Seconds’, in which Jossie collaborating with Navarro, continues in the same pace and style, the lush and positive vibration of a laid back electronica – after hours breeze music.

Sam Waller – Ison Fire (DigiStr29)

Digital Structures warmly welcome Sam Waller to our first release in 2014. Samuel Wallerstein gathered experience through many years of studio work in various genres of electronic music. We are more than happy to start the year with Sam’s fat, deep and eerie tech sound.
‘Ison Fire’ would be best described as Sam “in the zone”. Stripped down slow and patient groover, with a set of eerie submarine like atmospheric sounds and well introduced subtle use of sample you might as well lose consciousness…
Same atmosphere continues with ‘Oqut’, but soon enough it becomes obvious that we deal here with more unexpected and less laid back piece of music. ‘Oqut’ is very tripped out tune that combines masterful synth handling with unexpected twists and turns and that’s why we like it so much.

Gabi 2B – Beautiful Disaster (DigiStr28)

The end of the year is near, and there are still couple releases more until were over and done with 2013. Gabi 2B is back with us unleashing two original works that will form DigiStr28. Those 2 tracks arriving definitely right on time for busy December schedule many of you might have.
‘Beautiful Disaster’ is awesome after hours, easy going & delicate tune. It features almost silky melodic touches supported by a steady rhythm, Smooth and simple.
‘Dr. Mephisto’ on the other hand, as the name might suggest is a little bit more nasty… It can remind to some listeners old school Goa all of a sudden, while it just grabs you by the neck in the break, and the irresistible groove section rocks your booty from start to finish.
Tested with great success on numerous occasions.

Human Element – Chain Reaction (DigiStr18)

DigiStr18 consists of previously released Chain Reaction track, for those that missed – worth checking out, especially for outdoor venues, it’s a proper crossover tune – a genre defying rollercoaster.
It’s not that we meant for it to happen, but like in our previous release, the 2 remixers on duty, took their inspiration from different parts of the original, making this release a diverse and very useful one – there is something for everyone here.
We are very happy to welcome Italian Maestro Piatto to our roster. His remix covers the groovy booty shaking part of the release, very well built, it sounds like 70’s disco came back for a short visit dressed up in an up-to-date interpretation.
Gabi 2B, brings in a fat production with big epic breakdown, that uses the seminal piece’s orchestration parts to the max. Based on a no nonsense groove and smartly used electro-ish stab sounds, the drop into the emotional chord progression is a goose bump material no doubt.

Koltun Remixes (DigiStr17)

For our next release, we summoned two outstanding remixers that during the last years were delivering the goods one after another.
The task was to remix a 12 minutes length Perfect Stranger’s – Koltun, released about a year ago here on Digital Structures, a track that had enough ideas inside for 3 different tunes.
The outcome from Da Fresh and Magitman, came out as two completely different, dance floor orientated, techno bangers. Both artists had chosen totally different parts to remix from the same package, causing the remixes to sound diverse, entertaining and most importantly, to be very useful DJ tools.
On top of that the ScizZors 2012 edit of Original Koltun tune added in here to make this a 3 track release you don’t want to miss.

VA – At The Crossroads Vol.1 (DigiStr16)

Digital Structures makes it’s fashionably late entry into 2012 with “At The Crossroads Vol.1” – first installment of series of mini compilations planned for this year. Gabi 2B is a new name on the block, having 2 successful tracks released under 1605 and Iboga Records, brings in his third, equipped with moody melodic hook and a BIG break – it’s a winner!! The Swiss alchemist Martin Knecht ( Human Element ) with his progressive psy crossover rollercoaster ‘Chain Reaction’, introduces a very useful weapon especially for the outdoor season that is about to come. Another newcomer to DS is Diamandy, that presents here a dark and minimalistic number ‘Believe System’, with effective voice samples throughout and a powerful riff climaxing in the breakdown. Next in line is Roy RosenfelD, Israeli Electro wunderkind, that remixes Perfect Stranger’s ‘Slope’ and creates a groovy and kicking, haunted electro-progressive mash- up… Israeli Shahar Melamed ( Indepth ) is closing the ‘unreleased’ part of this mini compilation, with groovy and playful Techno number ‘Parabola’, that smoothly develops into a seducing melodic crescendo. Koen Groeneveld’s signature remix of A. Balter’s track ‘Beans’ is next, no nonsense here as usual with Koen’s productions, and the same usual suspect Balter makes his second appearance, this time with his mate Eitan Reiter, signing off this chapter of “At The Crossroads” with their smoothest creation so far – ‘Komodo Dragon’

A. Balter – Art Off 2011 (DigiStr15)

Art Off was probably the main track that introduced A. Balter to the Minimal & Techno crowds little more than 2 years ago, entered the Minimal charts on Beatport and stayed there for quite some time. The 2011 re-edit just as phat, dark, brooding and nasty as we would expect this tune to sound after 2 years of studio excavations. Irish Techno ambassador Matador, who is our guest for this EP, transforms the darkness of the original into a stomping galore and boy we like it!

Danalog – Baked Beams (DigiStr14)

Digital Structures is proud to present an Israeli born, Zimbabwe raised and Cape Town based, up and rising talent Daniel Lobel, producing various Tech tunage under the name Danalog. Baked Beams brings in a curiously familiar yet haunting melodic progression, wrapped with quirky wobbling tweakage, that transposes itself into a bootie moving funkster. Chasing Chubby is a stripped down minimal number, that gets it all going with a simple and well executed motif. The Swiss Tech House and Minimal maestro Khainz, pulls out of his sleeve a big Techno rework of Baked Beams, and delivers it all the way with a massive emotional rollercoaster.

A. Balter & Eitan Reiter – E0E (DigiStr13)

To make a long story short, TB303 needs no introduction to dance floor music addicts. It’s probably one of the oldest and most reliable tools of trade in the arsenal of dance floor music producers for the last 30 years. Digital Structures is proud to add one more example of how a proper TB anthem should be done by our own A. Balter & Eitan Reiter, and to make everyone even happier we added a “in your face” remix job by the French maestro Da Fresh.

Perfect Stranger & Eitan Reiter – The Bite EP (DigiStr12)

The Bite is a menacing heavy weight track, armed with a whip-like synth lead, and a no nonsense groove section, it has all the necessary ingredients to justify its name. WMCJ on the other hand, is on the nonsense side of this release. Accompanied by strangely familiar vocal samples and well executed crescendos, its unorthodox groove section has quite a few funny moments that will let your dance floor experience the power of the silly side.

A. Balter – You’re A Fish EP (DigiStr11)

Digital Structures is delighted to present you a 3 tracker package from our up and rising talent A. Balter. ‘You’re A Fish’ is exactly what the title implies… A. Balter presents here, in our opinion, his best solo work so far. Based on warm engulfing bass line, contrasted with lazy and groovy percussion work, seamlessly concurred by skillfully crafted and slowly developing lovely chord progression – this track is a swimming session you don’t want to end. ‘Drought’ with its wobbly bass and melancholic melody is like an old friend from the past coming to visit – and suddenly you remember how much he was missed. This is the sound we love and miss in nowadays Techno productions. Eitan Reiter, another frequenter @ Digital Structures stables, takes the original ‘Drought’ to the “world of Eitan”, where ever changing and abstract phrases are riding on a conveyer of constantly evolving bass structures. Thrilling and deep, the track seamlessly changes phases till the inevitable ending.

Perfect Stranger – Slope EP (DigiStr10)

Slope EP presents 2 Perfect Stranger tracks which are more on the “brooding” side of things. The title song is all about it’s simple but effective whip-like percussive groove, that is joined later on by a melancholic riff, which is on it’s turn develops into a massive break crescendo inevitably ending in a certain oblivion. Koltun, from it’s very beginning introduces a playful and dark melody dipped in a seducing atmosphere and riding a steady groove in a constant rise, that culminates in a powerful march. For those that enjoyed the ride, and want more, the track offers a second round for free

A. Balter & Eitan Reiter – Happy Fat Kids EP (DigiStr09)

Happy Fat Kids effortlessly stomps ahead with a bassline that will make you drool. Fat and rolling, the Kids introduce a thematic lead sound that transposes the track to the next level of emotional excitement while the heavy loops keep pulling the track onward and forward.

Behind Bars is a straightforward rave-ish Techno monster. The repetitive angry vocal bit with the addition of accurate and tight drum programming make this track to be a massive peak time tool.

Perfect Stranger – OUCH! EP (DigiStr08)

Italian all around player Manuel De La Mare takes the dance floor orientated bits from the original and does what he does best – make that dance floor stomp.

Eitan Reiter & A. Balter’s interpretation of the seminal piece is an 11 minutes saga of genre defying dancefloor music. You can hear the mosquito riffing near your ears and transform into the familiar melody from the original track. The duo doesn’t miss a chance to go at it all the way, and “nail it” with a massive and almost live performed entry from the break.

Perfect Stranger – Engines On EP (DigiStr 07)

Perfect Stranger is here with his second release for Digital Structures, it’s Engines On and off to space, traveling between the stars.

The title track offers Perfect Stranger’s interpretation to a classic from the debut of successful psytrance duo, Loud. The outcome is a hypnotic dreamy groover with an engulfing powerful atmosphere and an irresistible break. It’s Engines On indeed.

The second part brings us another meeting with half of Loud, Eitan Reiter, who remixed the classic Stardust, from Perfect Stranger’s Free Cloud album, into a massive crunchy tune with a jumpy beat and a beautiful mind bending melodic work, sprinkling stardust on the dancefloor.

A. Balter & Eitan Reiter – Komodo Dragon EP (DigiStr06)

“Komodo Dragon” is a bit like the ancient reptile, chugging slowly from side to side and taking it’s time to unveil its full stature in front of the unaware dance floor inhabitant. When it does, it has already swallowed you and it’s defo too late…

“Projekt 777” is a stripped down fat ass charmer of a track with a melody to die for and a simple yet effective structure, this tune is one to remember.

A. Balter – Beans EP incl. Koen Groeneveld & Weekend Heroes remixes (DigiStr 05)

“Beans” is a melodic, happy and very smartly built Progressive House track with a nonschallant melodic theme running throughout. Get those hands up in the air and dance to its irresistible flow.

Koen Groeneveld needs no introduction, last few years he has been at the forefront of electronic dance music scene. He delivers a massive interpretation to the original tune, and brings it all home with one crafty break, his signature move, no doubt.

Israeli Duo Weekend Heroes are rapidly rising on the Progressive House scene for last year or so. Be relatively new boys on the block, they already managed to deliver quite a few top tunes and this Tech House production shows why.

Perfect Stranger – Forty Two EP (DigiStr 04)

The anticipated first EP by Perfect Stranger to be released with Digital Structures is finally here. Venture into the deep realms of his signature textures and get a real taste for his vision of futuristic genre crossing dance music. “Forty Two” may just be a number, it may also be the answer to Life, Universe and Everything.

In this case it looks like a short love story with a TB303 riff.
In “A Mosquito Bit My Leg” you will surely hear the Perfect Stranger we all know and love. Ever evolving, never resting synths meet groovy percussion, molded together
into 11:30 minutes long journey through uncharted territory..

A. Balter – Frank EP incl. Peter Horrevorts & Perfect Stranger remixes (DigiStr 03)

A. Balter’s “Frank” is best described as a Minimal Techno track with maximal symphonic breakdown. Twisted haunting and melancholic, it has all the ingredients to make your head spin.

The Dutchman Peter Horrevorts doesn’t need much forewords, as his productions of late speak of themselves.
He turns the seminal composition inside out to present a sexy and groovy Deep House piece.

Perfect Stranger contributes to this EP a deep and long- developing Psychedelic groover, taking the melodic ideas of the original to different orchestration culminating in two epic breakdowns.

A. Balter & Eitan Reiter – Vuvuzela EP
incl. Tomy DeClerque remix (DigiStr02)

The second installment of Digital Structures’ comeback, offers two straightforward & offbeat pumping Techno floor – fillers.

The original by A. Balter and Eitan Reiter, has a surprisingly naughty breakdown, followed by a no-bullshit irresistible groove that will seduce club audience and outdoor rigs alike.

Followed by the remix of Slovenian promise Tomy DeClerque, who emphasizes the groove section of the original orchestrated with maximum tweakage – no doubt another winner for the dance floors.

iRich EP (DigiStr01)

Israeli duo Avishay Balter and Eitan Reiter are teaming up for a joined project and this is the first teaser for it. Original mix is a nothing less than ultimate genre defying cross over tool, for any DJ that is into Prog House, Techno or Minimal sound.

Melodic and dramatic, exquisitely built crescendo that is unveiled through the main break, will surely give many spinal cords that familiar tingling. Berlin based maestro Andreas Henneberg creates an even wider emotional rollercoaster, with his undeniable trademark groove, and takes the remix to Tech House fields, enhancing even more the extremely powerful riffs and
atmospheres of the original piece.

This EP is a proper welcome back to the legendary Digital Structures label. Good to be here again!!